To get into a FLOW with working out. Because I do see a lot of friends, people, and in myself in the past too…where you get all fired up to take better care of yourself & exercise/workout…but that it can be difficult to sustain that “motivation” & KEEP GOING with your Workouts…which is where you get the Hot Results (consistency) and the stress-relief & pleasure from movement too!

The other big problem I see people run into…and I’ve experienced as well…

Is that you go *too hard* when you go to lift weights at the gym…and you don’t go back for a while. It does feel good while you’re there moving…but one of the keys to getting into a consistent FLOW is to be able to the leave the gym (or home workouts) with more left to give.

You want to be following a workout plan and a way to progress your workouts to *build muscle.* That’s the key…building muscle with what I like to call the Minimum *Consistency* Dose…the least/most amount you can do where you can get into a consistent flow with the workouts.

THAT is how you get results 🙂

So here’s what I’ve seen works well to get that solid energia:



The people I know who have a healthy level of body fat pretty consistently… are also ACTIVE people. They basically Move Around A Lot. There’s something to be said for this, living in a world that necessitates a sedentary lifestyle (computers, commutes, cellphones)

And the American College of Sports Medicine recommends 5 days a week of 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise…in order to get the best health & fitness results!

And essentially, I’ve found in my own life…and in creating my fitness programs & helping others…that it’s A LOT easier to Workout & Move more often than less often.

I know that the “minimum effective dose” (not to be confused with my “minimum consistency dose”) is a popular concept…but if you’re trying to workout only 2 or 3 times a week…it can be very challenging to *motivate* yourself to get going each time you workout…whereas, if you’re moving your booty every day…it is WAY EASIER, because you make it part of your day, and part of your life.

And, think about the idea of giving yourself #bodytime.



Movement Breaks throughout your day to
break-up periods of sitting are KEY…

As a seminal study found that too much sitting can actually cancel out the effects of exercising…and another found it can shorten your lifespan, irregardless of whether you exercise or not…now that is poopy!

And there’s a simple solution…simply STAND UP every 15 minutes (and this research-backed recommendation of standing up for every 15 minutes of sitting time comes from Dr. Joan Vernikos, former director of NASA’s Life Sciences Division and author of Sitting Kills, Moving Heals.)

And take longer Movement Breaks every hour...and squeeze & release your Glutes!

Builds your ENERGIA, too!

And, I’ve got a cool, fun way to make Movement Breaks awesome…by getting your Glutes (your booty muscles) involved…check out my special invitation below. And…



For best energia results, I do highly recommend going for a brisk walk for 20 – 30 minutes  DAILY (and you can work up to that too)… Brisk Walking is a research-proven way to lose & maintain weight, gently move your body every or nearly every day…release aches and soreness…get creative ideas…connect to your hips & breath…release stress…and GET the energia you need to workout!

yes, I totally believe in the idea of “shake your booty fitness”…where you want  be moving your body & your booty every day)…that it’s easier to move MORE than less (and why the minimum effective dose can be really hard to pull off)…your body likes to move, and when you give it some brisk but gentle walking…it makes your body feel hungry for more movement.

Plus it’s the simplest thing you can do for your fitness, it helps release stress, allows you to feel beautiful & free in your body, and feel more creative & uplifted, too.



So you want to think about FOOD (which is def the most important source of ENERGY to get into a consistent flow with your workouts…and create the conditions in your body where you can indeed burn fat & build muscle.

And when you Eat for Energy…you want to make sure that you get a solid serving of Protein at every meal…I highly recommend eating Protein + veggies & healthy fats. And eating slow-carbs at night can help you sleep more deeply, and they’re super comforting, too…

I do think that focusing on eating Good Fats is a great way to feel full and have great energy too…plus when you focus on fats, this helps you eat Carbs more strategically too, since Good Fats are also comforting (like carbs) although way more filling…and they come without the rollercoaster energy you can get from carbs and sugar.

I just wrote a new ebook I’ll share more about soon all about making Good Fats the *superstars* of your meals, and I’ll be sharing more about this soon. For this energy post, I’ll share here that…

The best way I’ve found to get into Eating for Energy, is to get started with Breakfast…’cause what you eat for breakfast actually impacts your ability to make energizing food choices the rest of the day (has to do with having higher cortisol in the morning).

Eat protein for breakfast. Skip the starchy carbs for breakfast. If you love bread…eat sprouted grain bread instead. Yes to good fats like avocado and coconut oil. Yes to warm drinks and no to fruit juice…pair whole fruit with protein instead. Eat for energy.


As Stress can really disrupt your hormonal balance and make it difficult to sleep well at night too (which is when your body repairs & clears out toxins)…so I highly recommend taking some “Me Time” at night to release your stress and relax too.

Drink organic herbal tea, read a book, stretch or foam roll, journal write, dance, stay off phone (blue light) for 2 hours before bed…Better yet, unplug all of your wifi devices and put your phone on airplane mode if you can, to reduce harmful EMF radiation while you sleep.

I’ve also found that turning down the temperature to 68 – 70 degrees, as shared in optimal sleep research…and using black-out curtains over windows….really helps me get a good night’s rest.

Plus, workout out and drinking lots of water…reducing/cutting out caffeine and alcohol help a lot with this as well.

6 AND DRINK WATER (and tea)

Oops! There’s one more thing that can really give you great ENERGIA to have fun & feel fabulous with working out…and that’s to drink water (beverage of champions)

Go for half your weight in OUNCES…or just go for the standard 8 glasses a day.
I usually drink 2 glasses at 4x a day. Organic tea and soups also count towards this!

You need water for your body to function well.
Drink water WHILE you workout…I highly recommend FILTERING your water too


Theresalovestodance, reporting in…

All key things I’ve found over my journey over the past year, to Build & Nurture having Great Energy! Woot 🙂

Having the Energy you need:

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