Fire Up Your Glutes with 5 Moves

Ok so I want to invite you to focus on firing up your booty muscles, specifically.

And it’s actually really important to “fire up” your booty muscles as they actually SHUT DOWN…from too much sitting and working/driving…as Dr. Stuart McGill has found in his research.

And he also asserts that your glutes shut down when you have an injury in another part of your body, to prevent you from moving explosively.

Then, unfortunately…these booty muscles don’t just turn themselves back on when you get up from working or the other part of your body begins to heal…

And the same thing is true for strength training…just because you’re doing a Glute-focused Exercise like deadlifts or squats…your glutes won’t just fire away…

You have to spend time building a mind-muscle (mind-booty) connection…getting into feeling good with SQUEEZING and RELEASING them…

Activating your glutes also makes Brisk Walking a lot easier, gives you better posture, and makes it so you can get booty building results from strength training…and it gives you “explosive power” as well.

Another fun bit of Glute Research: You can actually get the *best* glute activation & glute building with *Bodyweight Only* glute moves, especially when you begin or re-begin training your glutes.

An ACE study found that by just using your bodyweight, you can actually get more of your glute muscles to fire…so no heavy weights needed. In fact, if you were to just start “lifting heavy” as a lot of people recommend, you would not get a glute pump from this, rather you’d be putting more stress on your lower back instead, and that is not good. So have fun rocking out with the bodyweight only glute activation moves…as they do really work.

In the video I break down 5 of my favorite exercises that go “around the booty”…that I think get the best Glute Activation & are the most fun to do.

Take a Booty Movement Break today:

Booty Activate!

Fire Up Your Glutes with 5 Moves

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Enjoy activating your Booty Muscles

I really want you to focus on feeling your glutes, your booty muscles –squeeze and release during these moves. That’s the real key, really feeling your booty muscles squeeze & release.
*And be sure to start with your less strong side first for the single leg exercise (like the Single Leg Glute Bridges)…and then do the stronger leg second. (I’m right handed, and my left side is not as strong, so I go for doing the left leg first, personally)

Go ahead and check out the Demo Video above…Then after you get my quick tips here, you can turn on some music you love & have fun going for these on your own!


Fire Up Your Glutes with:

1. Body Weight Glute Bridges. You want to put your energy into your heels and squeeze your booty up and gently release it down. Your energy and your weight go into your heels.

2. And then come on over to your side for Side Lying Abductions. You want to squeeze your leg up, really resist the movement up.

3. And then Bent Leg Booty Raises. You want to come over to this tabletop position, and leave a lot of nice space between your shoulder and your ear here…and then squeeze your leg up, squeeze your booty up….and slowly lower it back down.

4. Then Fire Hydrants, you’re going to stay in this position and really resist the movement down. Squeeze your leg down.

5. Finally, Single Leg Glute Bridges. You are going to put your energy into the heel of one leg this time and really squeeze your booty up and really feel your booty muscles do the work.


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