Teaching Samba at the Latino Heritage Festival in Des Moines

Hey–Thanks for stopping by my new blog home.

I decided to go back to my original youtube channel name, theresalovestodance, mainly because I think the world could use a little more cheerfulness now…and I enjoy being a cheerful teacher.

Plus, I do love to dance. I had been worried that I would get too old, but I’m still going strong with dancing, and I thought too that I can apply the word “dancing” to the idea of going with the flow and moving gracefully as possible through life.

I’m excited to share more tips & tricks when it comes to eating for energy…going organic and non-toxic as much as possible…lifting weights, brisk walking, movement breaks…and feeling like a sexy, confident dancer.

And I’ve basically taken almost a year off from outwardly publishing, and instead I’ve been writing a new nutrition book, inspired by my own desire to strengthen my fertility (I’m a late bloomer here with wanting start a family), making the nutrition component of my online fitness plans the best it can be for others, helping the planet too with the very real worries around climate change…and myself “moving through” what has felt like it could deserve the label Post Traumatic Stress disorder. So I’ve been researching awesome ways to nurture my Energy, and build a clear flow of nutrition in my body, in chunks of 3 month experiments with awesome teachers. I’m excited to share all of the new things I’ve been learning.

I wanted to share too that my mom passed away a year ago, and it was a very sad and distressing experience. My mom passed away from early onset dementia, so I do feel pretty passionately about taking care of my own health, and encouraging other people to do the same. Brain health & happiness are both so important!

And quite unfortunately, neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia are on a sharp rise…However, these diseases have been proven not to be based on your genetic inheritance…yes, you may inherit the switch to turn on these genes, but what you eat and how you exercise and your stress levels are the deciding factors that either turn this switch on or off…this is the most widely-funded branch of science right now called Epigenetics.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are preventable, and even reversible if you catch it in the early stages (and much can be done in the later stages too to help slow or reverse brain volume shrinkage and plaque accumulation).

So for me, I’m pretty dedicated to making sure this epigenetic switch stays turned OFF…and I can do that with how I eat, how I move, and finding ways to get a good night’s sleep and deal with stress. Dancing is an awesome thing for me, with releasing stress and feeling resilient…and probably Movement and FOOD are the biggest things overall.

I feel really passionate about Brain Health…and beside loving teaching strength training & dancing…this is the biggest reason I’m doing what I do right now, and why I wrote a new Good Fats “get your meal plan done” book & did all of this research….for myself, my family and to share with you!

A Beauty Walk morning long walk photo with Bear –>> taken before my mom passed.

Me and Tommy out dancing right after my mom passed. My face def looks like I’ve been crying a lot..but it was (and is) so important for me to go out and celebrate and feel connected to my mom…who does love music, dancing and celebrating life…

And I am VERY EXCITED to share a new shift in Fitness Philosophy with everyone! And I have to say that even though I have been sad, I do feel even more passionate than ever with my teaching and what I have to share here with everyone…

And…I have an uplifting & fun story to share with you! There’s a video on the next post and some fabulous “shake your booty fitness mindset” inspiration for you.

And back to my mom…

My passion for health and fitness has come partly from wanting to help my mom with her health.

And she has always, always believed in me…when I was moving to California, teaching high school English and then not, starting a non-profit organization, playing in a band, studying & performing Samba dance…

And in my current career of being a fitness and nutrition coach/writer/teacher/program creator…she thought this too was a crazy, but very good, idea.

Thanks mom for always cheering me on…and this business is in fact partly dedicated to my mom…and to me, and to my sister, and to all of the people who have loved my online programs and youtube videos…and to anyone who wants to be courageous, and put prioritizing your health, your nutrition, your body movement and exercise, your self-expression…as a priority in your life.

You have to prioritize yourself!

AND…you have to UPLIFT yourself…it’s really hard for anyone to do that FOR you.

(Awesome photo of me feeling UPLIFTED, dancing on stilts, in the NYC Dance Parade with my favorite dance partner, Tommy Wu 🙂 )

As much as I would like to inspire people to get IN to weight training…working out…dancing…wanting to eat nutrient-dense, flat belly foods…as much as I would like to inspire anyone to do that…

I’ve found that that is a completely impossible task. I’ve basically just finally surrendered to that fact.

You have to go there yourself. You have to WANT to take care of your health. You have to WANT to move your body–’cause you know it’s going to make you feel better when you do…

You have to WANT to have all the ENERGY from eating nutrient-rich food…and get into the MINDSET of all of the delicious, awesome yummy satisfying things you CAN eat…and stop lamenting all the stuff you really shouldn’t eat (if you’re putting your health, beauty, energy & booty as primary goals)…

Anyways…I’m here about to get out my MEGAPHONE and start shouting some really cool sh*t from the rooftops!

But I can’t promise that I’ll inspire you. You have to feel inspired yourself…And if you do…well, that is one. very. powerful, place. to. be.


Check out my Shake Your Booty Fitness PHILOSOPHY OF FIT blog post next…this is what I am MOST excited about sharing!


And you can get a free Booty Movement Break series… As movement breaks are an important part of getting results with working out/walking/movement.


Theresa Stevens