Welcome to Day 1 of the 7 Day Booty Lift Challenge!

I’m excited to share how to rock taking Movement Breaks…and how to get your Glute Activation ON.

Just take a few minutes to read through my quick tips…check out the short video below…and enjoy going for it. Squeeze & releasing your glutes (and shaking them around back there) does feel really good to do.

Plus, this is a powerful way to counter-act the very negative effects from Too Much Sitting


Well, the American Heart Association released a cumulative study that found that too much sitting can actually CANCEL OUT the positive effects you can get from exercising.

And that too much consecutive sitting can also shorten your lifespan, irregardless of whether you exercise or not!

And just 3 hours of sitting can disrupt your vascular function…impairing blood flow, weakening your blood vessels, and reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients your cells are getting.

So poopy right? Especially in our world that has computer jobs, commuting, chain TV show entertainment, and social media cell phone distractions…sitting too much is all too easy to do.

So let’s start here…

taking Movement Breaks to break up chunks of sitting time. And let’s use it to both GET the benefits of the working out…AND to stoke your physical energy, or movement energy…with 2 kinds of Movement Breaks:


How to Go For It:
Ok, so the simplest recommendation for taking Movement Breaks, and breaking up chunks of
sittting time?
—Every 15 minutes, just simply Stand Up…and Squeeze & Release your Glutes!

Every 15 minutes…just stand up for a bit and/or squeeze & release your glutes.

(And this research-backed recommendation of standing up for every 15 minutes of sitting time comes from Dr. Joan Vernikos, former director of NASA’s Life Sciences Division and author of Sitting Kills, Moving Heals.)

Use a Countdown Timer (here are FREE ones I recommend for MAC or PC). Stand Up for every 15 minutes of sitting time…and enjoy feeling clear-headed & energized! Woot!

And here are my Quick Tips to get your Booty Activation ON…with this challenge:


All right…so I challenge you to go for building/strengthening your Mind-Booty connection by squeezing & releasing your glutes…when you take these Movement Breaks (every 15 minutes)



And then every hour, you want to stand up and walk around for 2 minutes or take a bodyweight exercise or stretching Movement Break…this allows your legs to pump blood through the rest of your body…Since it seems like the whole sitting thing is causing problems with the heart and circulation… increasing blood flow every hour would be GREAT.

I highly recommend simply Walking Around for 2 minutes, for every hour of sitting…

Use the timer on your phone or watch and you can walk around the house, your apartment building, your yard…or go do a short cleaning project for 2 minutes…or go get coffee or run a quick errand at work.

Every hour, on the hour, of your Sitting Time.

And as an added bonus…you could also do a Funky Dance Walk! Try out different styles of “Dance Walking”…you can dance like a Parliament funk all-star, a ballet/modern dancer, a salsa dancer in high heels…have fun being a little goofy & creative, and just be sure to gently get your legs and your upper body/arms involved.

I double dog challenge you…to these slightly longer Movement Breaks every hour! 🙂



And last but not least…I want to invite you to go for this yoga move, called Legs Up The Wall. Pretty self-descriptive title I’m giving this move, yes? I know it has a fancier yoga name…but essentially, you want to scootch your booty as close to a wall as comfortably possible, and then rest your legs up the wall, keeping your knees slightly bent.

This releases blood that’s pooled in your feet…and helps improve your circulation. Great for relaxing & releasing stress too, allowing you to spend a few moments focusing on clearing your mind…visualizing circulation & flow…and connecting with your breath.

Fabulous way to end the day (workday or evening, whichever works best for you)…with this one yoga move.


Do you StandUp Desk?

Ok, one last quick tip if you use a Stand Up Desk. Unfortunately, standing up all day can be just as bad as #toomuchsitting.

The key with standing up & standupdesks is to shift your weight around a lot, and take that 2 minute walk-around Movement Break every hour.




I know this Booty Movement Break maybe seems like a pain in the booty to do…standing up when you’re working…or standing up when you’re relaxing on the couch at night…but it’s an incredible way to increase your Energy…and protect your heart and circulation!



Hot Glute Fact: An ACE study found that *Just Bodyweight* glute moves are more effective than weighted ones. So prepare to pump it up (your booty & your energia).

And the foundational move involved in Glute Exercises IS tapping into and strengthening this mind-booty connection…and being able to clearly Squeeeeeze & Release! 🙂

(See video above)

The video above is from a longer tutorial video that I filmed when I first moved to NYC, at a time when I was just dancing and walking (no strength training at this point)…and the longer tutorial is actually about *how to freely shake your booty* 🙂

So if you’re excited to get into dancing or increase your booty shaking skills..then this is a great Movement Break to practice, too 🙂


Day 1 Challenge summarized:

All right…so essentially the challenge is to:

–use a Timer…standup for every 15 minutes of sitting time during the day & at night when you’re relaxing too…and simply Squeeze & Release your Glutes.

–Plus, you want to go for a 2 minute Walk every hour…whether it’s down the hall, around the house or yard…or do a Funky Dance Walk, too 🙂

–And, you want to go for the “Legs Up The Wall” yoga move at the end of the day


Ok…check out my quick tips in the video above…and have fun Moving with me!


P.S. Be sure to get/use a Timer 🙂

I highly recommend this free timer for Mac (called Howler, love it!) OR this free Xnote timer for a PC. And set it to go off for every 15 minutes that you sit. Then stand up & shake it out.

Here are some quick visual directions for setting up the free Howler timer for Mac:


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