Thanks for checking out my 1-2-3 Booty WarmUp.

I love this quick and easy routine that you can use before you strength train, brisk walk OR dance…to get your muscles properly “activated”, warmed up, and ready for action.

And this style of warming up is also key for getting perky, lifted results from your workouts.

As you could totally be doing booty-focused strength training moves…or dancing…or going for a power walk…and NOT be getting good glute activation (More about “glute amnesia” below, and how this is a big part of missing out on the hot booty sculpting results you could be getting)…

How to WarmUp to get the best results: 3 key tips

…And Introducing my 1-2-3 Booty WarmUp…plus, don’t miss out on the Booty WarmUp Video Guide below too…

Don’t stretch before…do this instead.

Is your warmup (or lack there of)…killing your results?

There may be something standing in your way with getting fitness results that you love…and feeling fabulous during and after your workouts…

You may not be warming up all together…or you may be stuck in a rutt of doing a type of warmup that is so commonly taught…but actually puts you at risk for injury and getting a lot less bang for your buck from your sweat input.

A bit more about this style of warming up below…and first, here’s something I personally learned the hard way:

Why downward facing dog is not a good warmup

The myth of “static stretching” … or how NOT to warmup

Now I know that stretching your muscles is very popular, and you may have learned to do this in gym class growing up (if you’re around my age or older especially)…and a lot of traditional dance classes still start with a “stretch your muscles” warmup.

And yes, your muscles do need to be warmed up…but research shares that it’s best to do that Dynamically…and that “static stretching,” like bending and touching your toes, causes your muscles to decrease in their ability to respond quickly…and it puts you at a greater risk for injury when you actually workout or dance. Oy, not good.

What you want to do instead is “dynamically” heat up your muscles and get them gently moving with dynamically full-body dynamic stretching warmup…I’ll tell you about my favorite simple & sexy ways to do this below.

But back to the old gym class/dance class routine of “stretching” before you move…so it’s not that your muscles need to be stretched out…it’s more powerful (and way more safe) to focus on “firing up” the muscles you want to work, and building a strong neural connection with them, so that you can get these essential muscle groups to squeeze & release as you work it…

And these essential muscles that you need to fire up also happen to “fall asleep” and shut down, from you guessed it probably, too much sitting and too much working on the compu-ter. Been there and done that! Plus, your body can feel really tight from sitting, and you need to ease it into a place of moving around.

This is an area where people who skip their warmup, find themselves feeling really sore the next day too…and that can really break your enthusiasm for getting back to the gym, walking or dance class…don’t break your fitness flow…

Here’s what to do instead…

I’m going to break down the key ingredients in my 123 Booty WarmUp with you below…and then I also want to invite you to try this out!

Ok, more about this video class below…and without further ado, here’s a breakdown of these essential 123 Booty Warmup & activation moves:

properly WARMING Up before you exercise…because truly if you don’t warm up your muscles, you are putting yourself at a lot of risk for injury and strain, and feeling way more worn-out the next day than you need to:

1. Avoid being Sore…Full-body Dynamically-Stretch WarmUP….i.e. “Go for a Walk” before you Strength Train or Dance

Now the thing is…you need to properly “warm up” your muscles before you start asking them to learn new things and get strong and shimmy, shake and undulate…If you go to a dance class, or get busy with strength training…and this is perfect too before a power walk…in any case…you always need to take 10 minutes to full-body dynamically WARM UP your major muscle groups.

And like I said before, “static stretching”…like doing a standing quad stretch (runner’s stretch)…is actually a huge recipe for causing a lot of muscle strain and injury…because it’s actually been shown in multiple research studies to make your muscles less responsive when your workout…so A. you won’t get as hot of results from your efforts and B. you end up putting yourself at-risk for injury and strains…

Instead, you want to save any “static stretching” for AFTER you dance/walk/workout…

And what you want to do instead is called “Dynamic Stretching”…and I recommend going for a “Beauty Walk.”


How to use Beauty Walks as a way to Warm-Up (before): Either:

A. Drive to the dance class or gym 10 minutes early, park your car…and get out and walk briskly around the block for 10 minutes to get properly warmed up. This has been key for me with attending and teaching Zumba dance classes specifically…because there’s often not much of a Warm Up built into this class style.

Or walk or bike to Dance Class or the Gym.

When I lived in New York City…I ended up getting a nice long, brisk walk by just getting to class or the gym…It’s hysterical in NYC actually…people try to speed race you on the sidewalk, and I found myself “competing” to walk faster than other people there all the time. Ha!

Anyways, you want to get your WALK on for a solid 10 minutes BEFORE you workout/dance. It’s important to not carry anything heavy with you at this time…you want to let your arms naturally swing from your shoulders and you want to put your attention into your Hips & Booty as you walk…while taking nice deep breaths.

It should feel really good…but you also want to walk at a pace that’s a little challenging. A slow walk is just not going to heat your muscles up enough.

B. Alternatively, if you’re going to workout at Home Or go for a Power Walk…or you live in Alaska in the winter or some place where it’s difficult to walk outside…you can do what I love to call the “Funky Dance Walk” across your living room.

You don’t get the added visual input of the Beauty Walk….but listening to music you love is beautifying still too! 🙂

So to get your Funky Dance Walk on, and properly warm-up your muscles before you workout at Home…

Just put on a medium tempo’d song and strut back and forth across your living room, and try out different “Dance Walks:”

You can dance walk like James Brown, super funky…or dance walk like a Rio Samba dancer, balancing on your toes…or be way to sexy for your walk like LMFAO…play around with your mood and expression…and the key is to make sure that you get your whole body gently involved.

All right! And usually after one song, you will be ready for Part 2…

2: Counteract “Laptop Reach”….Activate your Mid-Back/Chest

And then next, you want to be sure to wake-up and activate your Mid Back…


because you’ll be asking this part of your back to squeeze and engage with in the upper body strength training moves…And if you want to have graceful, powerful arms when you dance too.

And just like your booty muscles (see below), the muscles between your shoulder blades, also actually get “turned off” and hyper-extended by sitting and working on the computer…and by driving.

That “laptop” reach position is not doing your back any favors!

And these muscles actually get stretched out & inactive from this position; and just like your glutes, they don’t just “turn themselves back on.”

So if you want to get hot results from Upper Body compound strength training moves, like dumbbell rows and lat pulldowns –>>

you need to get these muscles actively squeezing & releasing, as it’s reasy easy to do a Lat Pulldown without a lot of Lat activation! Huh, not good for results, right?

However, you can activate your Mid-Back with a simple warmup exercise…

This warmup move was specifically recommended to me by Coach Ryan Faehnle…I’ve seen this exercise called the “Assisted Band No Money” move…and hey, I think that’s pretty descriptive ’cause if you get this part firing away, this is going to be key to increasing your ability to do a bodyweight pull-up (and get there faster and safer…and look really great while you do.) Umm, and key to getting a nice lifted back and chest, ahem. Think sexy ballet dancer posture look. This move will help take you there! 🙂

This exercise activates the scapula retractors and depressors and strengthens the external rotators.

Do 50 of these in every warm-up and they’re safe to do every day too.

And Warm Up your Chest

And then go for warming up and activating your Chest…So we are warming up both sides of your upper body…and you can do this easily by doing 1 set of Regressed Push-Ups…

Just do one round (one set) of as many “regressed push-ups” as you can do in one go…You can use:…a wall…a high bar…or do push-ups from your knees.

Personally I think that full push-ups are really challenging to do correctly…I had been doing sets of pushups weekly for about 6 months, when I finally asked my boyfriend/now husband to video me doing them. O.M.G. I was shocked when I saw the footage. My posture and form was pretty terrible…so lately I’ve been working on building my chest and back strength some more…and “regressing” this movement and getting better form with “regressed pushups” like these here –>>

3. Fire Up Your Glutes

And for the last…and what I think is the most fun part of this 123 Booty WarmUp here, is that you want to focus on firing up your glutes, specifically. Woot! ‘Cause your booty muscles…your gluteus maximus, minims and medius muscles…make up the largest muscle group in your body.

They control the movement of your hips and pelvis…so these muscles help you to be a sexy confident dancer…and they make Brisk Walking easier on your joints…and when they’re firing and active…they establish a firm base for feel-good & look-fabulous POSTURE as well! And when they’re actively firing, they can help eliminate and heal back pain as well, according to Dr. Stuart McGill in his much cited research and book, Low Back Disorders: Evidence-based Prevention and Rehabilitation. (He coined the term “gluteal amnesia”)

And if you want to get bumpin’ booty results from booty-focused strength training…you also need to get your glutes actively squeezing and releasing as you do the moves.

And it’s actually really important to “fire up” your booty muscles as they actually SHUT DOWN…from too much sitting and working/driving…boo.

And then unfortunately…these booty muscles don’t just turn themselves back on when you get up from working, Dr. McGill found in his research…You actually have to fire them up and get them activated and working.

And the same thing is true for strength training…just because you’re doing a Glute-focused Exercise like deadlifts or squats…your glutes won’t just fire away…

You have to spend time learning how to SQUEEZE and RELEASE them…and build a strong neural connection to them, so that you can get your booty muscles INVOLVED…not only when you strength train, but when you walk & take the stairs, too!

And don’t forget to check out the cartoon handout to WarmUp your Booty Muscles…

Come actively MOVE with these videos here…or at least check out the moves! :)…and find out which 2 GLUTE MOVES are my favorite moves for fabulous Glute Activation.

Again, this is KEY for getting booty building results from strength training…and you can apply it to warming up for dancing or brisk walking too…

Anyways, let’s put this into action…check out my 123 Booty WarmUp video here…and have fun standing up & going for it:

123 Booty WarmUp


Woot! Ok, whew! So it actually takes a lot longer to EXPLAIN each part of the 123 Booty WarmUp than to actually DO it. Thank goodness. I usually do all 3 parts in 10 minutes or less, when I’m working out at home, before a power walk…and like I said I usually walk for longer en route to the gym…

OK…I hope you enjoy this free 123 Booty WarmUp VIDEO where I show you the tempo & best form tips for these moves…And you can have fun moving, pumping up your energy & warming up your booty & body with me…

Woot! Ok, let me know if you have any questions…and I hope you have fun trying out this 123 Booty WarmUp.


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