The bad news:

Not enough people are exercising…more data is showing just how bad prolonged sitting is for our short-term health and longevity…and the *new* recommendation for movement is 1 hour of movement a day! (1)

AND, that the majority of people around the world (determined through a 1 million person cumulative study review), including young people, are not meeting the WHO’s exercise recommendation…that often quoted 5x a week, 30 min of moderately intense movement…(2) (3)

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the way you think about yourself as a mover (and shaker) can really impact your motivation…and hey, thoughts are free, so that’s a cool thing!

And Motivation is a great initial energy to get pumped on movement…and then really the ideas that you need to stay committed & KEEP GOING, what I’ve found to be be key are the ideas of:

–“Choosing You” and seeing movement & exercise as an important and valuable use of your time…

–and eating food that supports you in that movement…

–it all helps release stress and it’s a gift you have to keep choosing to give yourself over and over again.

Fitness Mindset Inspiration:

Ok, so I wanted to share 3 ways that you can get into a “fitness mindset” that really helps you feel fabulous and enjoy working out/moving.

3 “fitness mindset mojo” key ideas:


1- Be a Booty Shaker and tap into the Movement Research:

The first ingredient you need is to get into the Mindset of being a Booty Shaker...that it’s easier to move more frequently, than less frequently.

AND the American College of Sports Medicine/World Health Organization recommend 5 days a week of 30 minutes of moderately intensive movement to get health benefits from exercise…so what I recommend and what my online workout students find really successful and what I find really successful myself:

–More vigorous Intensity movement 3x a week ( I like lifting weights 2x and dancing or lifting on the third day…this could also be 3 power walks, too…or 3 days of lifting!)

–And on the rest of the days of the week go for a Brisk Walk (I like to call them brisk beauty walks).

It can be as simple as that. Also, if you’re excited about lifting weights/strength training, I highly recommend doing full-body strength training 2-3x a week; this style of strength training is research-proven to go perfectly with playing sports, going to dance class…going out dancing.


–And then the other movement you need is basically taking Movement Breaks throughout the day…to break up chunks of sitting…’cause too much sitting can cancel out the effects of exercise…

–And lastly and probably most obviously, you need to be eating food that gives you energy, so that you have the energy to do the workouts.

And then your body actually can really crave and enjoy the movement…and once you get into movin’ it…and using your booty…

I do think it makes it easier to move more frequently, than less frequently…

Shake Your Booty Fitness philosophy 101:

That’s me in Riverside Park in NYC with my dog Bear! Just home from lifting at the gym and out for a brisk walk…

And again, the recommendation from the American College of Sports Medicine of 5 days a week of 30 min of moderate intensity movement…has just been updated by the World Health Organization to account for the horrible effects of *too much sitting*

Updated Recommendation because. Sitting.

So now the recommendation is 1 hour of movement a day. Does that sound like a little or a lot?

–Besides finding pleasurable/enjoyable types of movement to get in a more “werkin it” type of session 5x a week (which could be brisk walking even, or other cool things like dance class, lifting weights, swimming)…

–you also need to put attention and energy into breaking up chunks of sitting time.

At the bare minimum, you want to stand up every 15 minutes of sitting time. AND, you want to take a little longer Movement Break for a few minutes every hour. Go clean something. Practice a little dancing. Stand up & squeeze and release your glutes. Walk for a coffee or to refill your water glass.

Seems like it could aid in feeling more productive & energized, too! 🙂 Plus I can def see in my own body how doing taking Movement Breaks helps with circulation…especially since I like crossing my legs when I sit to write (horrible for circulation :))

Ok, so that’s the KINDS of movement you want to use and the mindset too (of being a Booty Shaker…someone who moves your body, moves your booty every day!)

I get into more specifics and exactly how to craft a weekly movement plan in my online fitness programs. But I hope you enjoyed this post…and the idea of being a Booty Shaker! 🙂

Move your body, move your booty every day.


2- And you want to get your Booty, Mind & Spirit involved.

Booty Mind Spirit…Ok, let me break it down:

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Plus, I have been a long-time lover in freely shaking my booty…so learning more about glute activation and strength training has really been fun/essential for me, and I think it makes working out really fascinating and enjoyable to focus on moving & using your glutes 🙂


Stress can really alter physical process in our body…and for me one of my biggest challenges is finding ways to release stress, feel more free in my life, and get into that treasured *flow state* where I’m just really enjoying the work I’m doing. So movement is a fabulous way to clear your mind, and release emotions, get grounded and feel more clear. Creative ideas and solutions come in. Movement Meditation, it’s a real thing.

And then there’s always the fabulous idea one of my best friends Kevin always says: “change your music, change your mind.

You can really shift how you feel with Nature or Music added in to your movement time too.


And I’ve found that finding/creating the JOY in your movement is what helps you stick to it, even when you don’t feel super motivated to start.

Plus, seriously, I’ve found joy to be a super fat-burning emotion.


3-Take as you need:

Get back on that horse and ride 🙂

The other mindset shift that can really helps a LOT is this tried and true advice…much easier to say, and sometimes hard to remember…but that you want to “get back on that horse and ride”…that it’s ok to fall off your schedule, your goals, your workouts…we have very flexible busy lives, so it can be difficult to adhere to a schedule…so it’s so human. The trick is to not let it get you down, and to get back up and get started again.

It’s ok to start and start again.

It’s the only way to do it, really 🙂

Just make sure you are nourishing yourself with foods that give you energy instead of depleting your energy…that is def key to having good energy, too.

Or…See yourself as an Athlete

Ok, ok. I know this may or may not feel like a stretch with Fitness mindset here. But truly, if you see yourself as an athlete…either an athlete with walking, a dancer or swimmer who lifts to get faster & stronger (and reduce/prevent injury)…someone who is counting on having good ENERGY throughout the day (mom or biz athletes :))

Well, it just doesn’t hurt to see yourself as “training”…and to see your movement as a “practice”…

As getting into a good mindset…and making a commitment to yourself, makes it doable too.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed this Shake Your Booty Fitness mindset Mojo inspiration! Welcome to my new site!

Theresa Stevens



Move your body, move your booty every day.



Go ahead and have a go with this fitness mindset inspiration now…here are 7 fun Movement Breaks that get you gently moving your booty for a few minutes…and enjoy learning more about the 2 handed swing: