have Movement Breaks, will travel

I’ve found that it’s easier to move more frequently, than less frequently…and that if you’re wanting to strength train/workout 2 or 3 times a week…it can be hard to “motivate” yourself to do them…but if you add in Movement Breaks + brisk walking on the daily or almost daily…then it’s much easier to get in your workouts.

Of course having Food Energy is super important too…and I’m excited to share some key tips with this soon…but first, I want to talk about the power of Movement Breaks.

Ok, second…have you heard about how POWERFUL it is to take Movement Breaks?? And just how detrimental consecutive SITTING is.


why too much Sitting stinks

Well, the American Heart Association released a cumulative study that found that too much sitting can actually CANCEL OUT the positive effects you can get from exercising.

And the World Health Organization recently updated their daily/weekly Exercise/Movement recommendation, after reviewing studies totaling 1 million participants…that found that *sitting* is actually so detrimental to our health…

And that they now recommend 1 hour a day of movement…not just for fitness, but also to counteract the negative effects of sitting.

They found that too much sitting can not only cancel out the positive effects of exercise as previously mentioned…it can also shorten your lifespan, regardless of whether you exercise or not!

And just 3 hours of sitting can disrupt your vascular function…impairing blood flow, weakening your blood vessels, and reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients your cells are getting.

So poopy right? Especially in our world that has computer jobs, commuting, chain TV show entertainment, and social media cell phone distractions…sitting too much is all too easy to do.

So let’s start here…with the smallest amount of movement…taking Movement Breaks to break up chunks of sitting time. And let’s use it to both get the benefits of the working out…AND to stoke your chi energy, or movement energy…get into the Be A Booty Shaker mindset 🙂

And there’s a way to take Movement Breaks, where you’re using your BOOTY (your glute muscles) and getting these muscles activated and firing…that makes it FUN and powerful.

Plus when you have actively firing glutes—it makes it much easier to walk with ease…to feel good with strength training…and to get hot booty building results from strength training too!

Ok, so without further ado…here is your challenge for today.


How to Go For It:
Ok, so the simplest recommendation for taking Movement Breaks, and breaking up chunks of sitting time?

Every 15 minutes, just simply Stand Up. Every 15 minutes…just stand up for a bit.
That’s the minimum…

(And this research-backed recommendation of standing up for every 15 minutes of sitting time comes from Dr. Joan Vernikos, former director of NASA’s Life Sciences Division and author of Sitting Kills, Moving Heals.

–And then every hour, you want to stand up and walk around for a minute or take a fun Movement Break…this allows your legs to pump blood through the rest of your body…since it seems like the whole sitting thing is causing problems with the heart and circulation…increasing blood flow every hour would be GREAT

–Some simple Movement Break ideas? Well…one simple idea:
A. Stand up & squeeze your GLUTES, like the opening exercise I’m sharing in the video below…just stand up & simply squeeze & release your booty muscles…and

B. Walk Around A Bit, feeling your glutes engage, and appreciate that you’re pumping blood through your body with the largest muscle group in your body…and have fun just dancing around for a minute…awesome!

What would be best?

Well after activating &waking up your glutes (and strengthening your neural pathway to them…so key for getting booty results with working out/lifting weights or learning how to freely shake your booty with dancing…feeling more ease-ful & powerful when you walk…
well anyways, after you squeeze & release your glutes for a bit…

Funky Dance Walk back and across the floor 8 times 🙂

Ok, so without further ado…
Stand Up & Try. This. Out 🙂

Booty Movement Break: Simple & Effective

Move #1: With movement breaks, the key goal is to stand up every 15 mimnutes of sitting time. And then hourly, you want to take slightly longer Movement Breaks.

Here are the key tips for this simple Booty Pump hourly Movement Break:

Stand up & then practice squeezing & releasing your booty muscles (your glutes). Use your hands and your glutes at the same time (really helps get your muscles firing!) You can also gently tap or massage your booty to build this mind-booty connection too. This is from a Dance Tutorial video on how to freely shake your booty from my program too. I filmed it when I first moved to NYC, when I was dancing a lot but not strength training. So stand up & squeeeeeze & release. Ah, that feels better!

Move #2: Funky Dance Walk back & across the floor 8x

Ok, so every hour you can stand up…squeeze & release your booty muscles and then walk back & across the floor 8 times.. Simple & effective. To make it more interesting…instead of simply walking, do a Funky Dance Walk instead. 🙂

I also encourage people to Funky Dance Walk as a part of warming up to workout at home, if you don’t feel like going for a walk around the block, to get your muscles warmed and ready to go…so this is a valuable skill, people! 🙂 lol

So how do you Funky Dance Walk? You can turn on some music or do it without. Walk back and across the floor, gently getting your whole body involved as you “dance walk.” Walk like a Samba dancer in high heels…or funky like a hip hop dancer…cross the length of the room 8 times or more 

You can try out a Funky Dance Walk in the video today…and hopefully this will give you some creative ideas 🙂

Ok, so without further ado…

Stand Up & Try. This. Out 🙂



A little bit about me in these videos:

The first video is me, with my main form of movement/fitness being Dancing. I was teaching Samba dance at Google and The Ball studio in NYC, right after moving there. With the second video, it’s me with Strength Training…you can see how adding in some strength training can go a long way. Anyways, it’s not all about your body of course. The movement ideas I’m sharing with you are great for your energy, feeling sensual, less stressed, grounded…when you combine it with eating food that gives you energia rather than zaps it, you can get nice health benefits too! 🙂 Also, lovely skin (one of my favorite perks)…and a lifted, round Boo-tay.


Movement Break Challenge:

I want to CHALLENGE you to stand up every 15 minutes today, and take a slightly longer booty squeeze/funky dance walk Movement Break on the hour today…and standup, squeeze & release your glutes & walk around for a minute

The clock strikes the hour…stand up & booty pump 🙂

And use the techniques from this Booty Movement Break Demo Video above…



And have fun getting your Booty Activation Movement Break on…and appreciate yourself for caring for your booty, body, mind & spirit. #sitless #movemore

We get started with Movement Breaks that build glute strength in my free 7 Day Booty Lift Challenge…get all of the details here, and I would love for you to join us! We are getting started right now…get 7 days of really fun & effective booty movement breaks…and “perk up”! 🙂

Theresa Stevens


P.S. You can get 7 MORE Movement Breaks…they each take 10 min or a little less in total to check out the quick tips & then have fun going for it! Plus, with these Movement Breaks, I also share how to feel confident with the kettlebell swing (great workout move for both building muscle, burning fat)